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Solar Sailor by ligr77 Solar Sailor by ligr77
Hi guys! I got a new superhero OC for you guys! And this time, it's very special!

You see, I felt I could do better on an astronaut-style superhero than Mr Universe, but I wasn't able to make a good redesign of him! So what I ended up doing was scrapping him and coming up with a whole new idea!

But waith, there's more! Not only did I make a new superhero OC, I made an entire organization of superheroes, kind of like the Green Lantern Corp or Nova Corp!

Name: Solar Sailor
Real Name: Jules Stellar
Personality: Strong willed, confident, caring for his crew
Abilities and Gadgets:
1. Galleon-sized, heavily armed spaceship powered by solar sails
2. Solar energy powered gloves and boots for jet propulsion
3. Vibro-cutlass for close-quarters combat
4. Magnet powered rail-musket

Backstory: Ever since he was a little kid, Jules Stellar wanted to be an astronaut. He had dreamed of exploring the cosmos, seeing all of the stars in the heavens. When he got into college, he had tried to apply to the space training camp programs multiple times, but was turned down every time. But one day, asd he was driving home from another long day of college, he saw something in the sky, and decided to see what it was. Then, suddenly, he was lifted off the ground by this mysterious object, and as he neared it's surface, passed out in panic. When he finally awoke, he was in a complex known as the Solar Sailor Training Grounds. After he was carried to the head of the Training Grounds, he asked what was going on. The commander explained ot him that he had been chosen as a Solar Sailor Captain candidate for his galaxy. While he was still confused, he had realized that this was his chance to be able to explore the cosmos! So, he dedicated every hour he had to training to be able to become the captain, and after his graduation, set sail with his crew to begin his life as our galaxy's protector.

1. The outfit is partially based off of a naval uniform.
2. The weaponry choices are based off of privateers, not pirates.
The-She-Cat Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Very unique and cool design that works well with the mythology you've created. 
mr-redx Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student General Artist
Pretty Awesome! I like the feel of your own corps!
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